Hey, Hi, Hello!
Let me introduce myself:
My name is Hannah and I would like to welcome you to The Basic Bee!
I am the owner & founder of this lovely online establishment. I am a dedicated dog mom, a margarita connoisseur, a (former) emo kid, and I have proudly watched every episode of Friends about 9,000 times. I have also been told that I'm a little basic, but whoever said there was something wrong with that obvi didn't know what they were talking about. 
I have always LOVED giving unique and thoughtful gifts to my family & friends. That is why I started TBB! I hope to always provide you guys with fun & quirky things that you can gift to your loved ones, or just to treat yo self with! Eventually, I would love to carry a full line of clothing. Maybe someday! 
I hope you love everything I have in the store as much as I do! 
Please make sure to follow us on all socials as @shopbasicbee and share with all of your friends! 
Hannah Gonzales